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Mauro D'Agati

D’Agati began working as a professional photographer in 1996, from the outset covering many Sicilian jazz festivals, art manifestations and theatrical events. He has always been motivated by the exploration of Sicilian, especially Palermitan, social phenomena. He has undertaken work for numerous Italian and International publications including Geo, Stern, Suddeutsche Zeitung, Das Magazin, Vision China, El Pais Semanal, Le Monde, GQ and Internazionale. In 1999 he published his first book Softly walking, consisting of black and white images illustrating the everyday life of Massimo and Gino, a gay Palermitan couple. In 2001 followed the book Detenuti, a photographic journey inside sixteen Italian penitentiary institutions and criminal psychiatric hospitals. Since 2002 he has been represented by the German photography agency FOCUS. In 2005 he completed Vucciria, a book concerning the life of particular individuals in the abandoned and delapitated arabic market of Palermo. Selected excerpts of Vucciria have been included in the book Mutations 2006/07 Contemporary European Photography, in the Forma Gallery catalogue ( Milan 2007); furthermore, in the Ulis fotoFest 07 (Istanbul 2007) and in the catalogue accompanying the festival Mois de la Photo, Paris 2008. In 2006 Mauro D’Agati works on two projects; the city of Naples, its inhabitants and happenings and finally, the city of Havana or more so, its outskirts (Alamar). In 2009 Steidl published the book Palermo Unsung, a story of singers performing at the music festivals in the south of Italy and their franzied public. In 2010 Napule Shot and Alamar are published by Steidl. In 2010 D’Agati makes his first american pictures in Las Vegas, and Ahrens Editions publish Less Vegas in 2011. Between 2008 and 2010 Mauro D’Agati visited Masonic lodges in Havana to take photos of this secret and largely unseen world. The book Sit Lux et Lux Fuit will be published in 2012.