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Magnum Photos Online Course Street Photography

We are pleased to announce that Magnum Photos has launched a $99 online education program hosted by Magnum photographers, including Bruce Gilden, Martin Parr, Susan Meiselas, Richard Kalvar, Carolyn Drake, Peter van Agtmael and Mark Power, and industry professionals.
Aimed at photographers and visual artists at all levels, and anyone interested in the culture, theory and practice of the medium, this new online course is the first to be made available through a new online platform, with the aim of supporting photographic learning in an engaging, widely available and affordable format.

The course is available in English with Chinese, French and Spanish subtitles, and is intended to widen accessibility to the techniques and theory of photography. Participants will also gain access to additional learning materials through a series of ten workbooks, containing expanded interviews, tips and tricks and suggested further reading.

Go to to explore the ten engaging video lessons, featuring unique insights, knowledge and expertise from Magnum photographers.

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