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About Focus Box

The FOCUS BOX is our new search tool, designed to help you find the right photographer for your needs. It offers you a complete overview of our photographers’ work and is fast and easy to use. The photographers’ portfolios are sorted according to categories and regions. Just click on a photographer’s name to download his or her portfolio as a PDF.

The Focus Box

NameLocationCategoryProfileFocus Box
Germany - East
Hoàng Lê, KiênFrankfurtProfileDownload Focus Box
Münch, LeneBerlinProfileDownload Focus Box
Otto, ChristophBerlinProfileDownload Focus Box
Roth, SteffenBerlinProfileDownload Focus Box
Germany - North
Attenzione PhotographersHannover & WittenProfileDownload Focus Box
Bartsch, WernerHamburgProfileDownload Focus Box
Martens, AxelHamburgProfileDownload Focus Box
Müller, DanielHamburgProfileDownload Focus Box
Müller-Elsner, HeinerHamburgProfileDownload Focus Box
Ollertz, HeikeHamburgProfileDownload Focus Box
Tamm, OlafHamburgProfileDownload Focus Box
Germany - South
Frank, RosaCologneProfileDownload Focus Box
Hils, ClaudioRavensburgProfileDownload Focus Box
Pavan, MilaMunichProfileDownload Focus Box
Reeg, AndreasFrankfurtProfileDownload Focus Box
Zellner, SvenMunichProfileDownload Focus Box
Germany - West
Ehling, TheklaCologneProfileDownload Focus Box
Westphal, MaximilianDüsseldorfProfileDownload Focus Box
Teles, RicardoSao PauloProfilDownload Focus Box
Teles, RicardoSao PauloProfilDownload Focus Box
Janke, ClaudiaLondonProfilDownload Focus Box
D'Agati, MauroPalermoProfilDownload Focus Box
Lepanto, RaffaelaMilanProfilDownload Focus Box
Pavan, MilaProfileDownload Focus Box
Zellner, SvenUlaanbaatarProfileDownload Focus Box
Hinsenhofen, LarsLisbonProfilDownload Focus Box
Otto, ChristophMadridProfileDownload Focus Box
Hager, TinaDubaiProfilDownload Focus Box
United Kingdom
Lepanto, RaffaelaMilanProfilDownload Focus Box
Hager, TinaDubaiProfilDownload Focus Box
Hoàng Lê, KiênHanoiProfileDownload Focus Box