Focus Photo und Presse Agentur GmbH


  • Horst Seehofer
    Horst Seehofer at the bavarian staatskanzlei
  • Sophia_Christine_Brommer
    Sophia_Christine_Brommer, Sopran, training for the concert
  • Torsten Keller
    Torsten Keller on the rooftop os his shopping center
  • Ralf_Kleber
    Ralf_Kleber, Amazon Germany CEO
  • Dieter Kempf
    Dieter Kempf in his office
  • Dr. Reinhard Ploss
    Dr. Reinhard Ploss at the INFINEON office
  • Thomas Müller
    Thomas Müller at the säbener street
  • Heinz-Hermann Thiele
    Heinz-Hermann Thiele at the showromm of Knorr-Bremse
  • Erich_Sixt
    Erich Sixt at his main office
  • Franz Beckenbauer
    Franz Beckenbauer at the airport
  • Franck Ribery
    Franck Ribery at the Säbener Street
  • Susanne Aigner-Drews
    Susanne Aigner-Drews in the office building
  • Dr. Wolfgang Büchele
    Dr. Wolfgang Büchele, CEO Linde Group at the office
  • Dr. Müller Wohlfahrt
    Dr. Müller Wohlfahrt at his rehabilitation office
  • Sabine Herold
    Sabine Herold in the lobby of her company
  • Prof. Dr. Klaus Schrenk
    Prof. Dr. Klaus Schrenk in his office building
  • Prof._Dr._Helmut_Friess
    Prof. Dr. Helmut Frieß preparing for work
  • Richard Lesser
    Richard Lesser at the BCG main office
  • Prof. Rudolf Mellinghoff
    Prof. Rudolf Mellinghoff at the ministry of finance
  • Prof. Florian Holsboer
    Prof. Florian Holsboer at his new office
  • Michael Krume
    Michael Krume in the safe room
  • Norbert Reithofer
    Norbert Reithofer at the BMW office
  • Nikki Lauda
    Nikki Lauda in the restaurant
  • Nicola Leibinger-Kammüller
    Nicola Leibinger-Kammüller at her company
  • Michelle Müntefering
    Michelle Müntefering in the hotel lobby
  • Oliver Bierhoff
    Oliver Bierhoff in the restaurant
  • Michael Dieckmann
    Michael Dieckmann at his Allianz building
  • Dr._Gregor_-Broschinski
    Dr. Gregor Broschinski at the office
  • Horst Seehofer
    Horst Seehofer at the bavarian staatskanlei
  • Olli Kahn
    Olli Kahn in the studio with footballs
  • Philip Lahm
    Philip Lahm in the studio
  • Ottmar Hitzfeld
    Ottmar Hitzfeld in switzerland
  • Prof. Dr. Barbara Vinken
    Prof. Dr. Barbara Vinken at her office in the university
  • Martin Moszkowicz
    Martin Moszkowicz in his office at Constantin Film
  • Heinz-Hermann Thiele
    Heinz-Hermann Thiele at the office of Knorr-Bremse
  • Marcel Reif
    Marcel Reif in the studio
  • Klaus Augenthaler
    Klaus Augenthaler at his agency
  • Joe Käser
    Joe Käser at the office
  • Jan van Ruymbeke
    Jan van Ruymbeke at the office
  • Jan Ullrich
    Jan Ullrich on the lawn
  • Ian Robertson
    Ian Robertson at the BMW museum
  • Ian Robertson
    Ian Robertson at the BMW museum
  • Dmitry Firtash
    Dmitry Firtash in the hotel suite
  • Dirk Nowitzki
    Dirk Nowitzki after training
  • Gerald Asamoah
    Gerald Asamoah at the Veltins Arena
  • Andrea Castronovo
    Andrea Castronovo at the BMW showroom in Salzburg
  • Christiane Nuesslein-Volhard
    Christiane Nuesslein-Volhard at work
  • Christian Forster
    Christian Forster at the storage in his warehouse
  • Dr Manfred Knof
    Dr. Manfred Knof at the office


  • Ai Weiwei
    Ai Weiwei in the hotelroom
  • Bertram Kawlath
    Bertram Kawlath at the production house
  • Andrea Funk
    Andrea Funk at the seminar room
  • Amir Roughani
    Amir Roughani in the office showroom
  • Andreas Steinfatt
    Andreas Steinfatt at the brewery
  • Apostel Korbinian Freier
    Apostel Korbinian Freier in the changing room
  • Askan Quittenbaum
    Askan Quittenbaum at his auction house
  • Bruno Sälzer
    Bruno Sälzer in the showroom
  • Brian Sullivan
    Brian Sullivan in the SKY lobby
  • Bruno Sälzer
    Bruno Sälzer in the showroom
  • Wolfgang Ley
    Wolfgang Ley in his office
  • Gerd Ruge
    Gerd Ruge at the publishing house
  • Harald Schmidt
    Harald Schmidt in the vip lounge at the airport
  • Heiner Lauterbach
    Heiner Lauterbach in the hotel lounge
  • Heiner Lauterbach
    Heiner Lauterbach at the hotel lounge
  • Doris Dörrie
    Doris Dörrie in Issey Miyake
  • Dr. Heinrich Hiesinger
    Dr. Heinrich Hiesinger at the office
  • Dr. Wolfgang Beck
    Dr. Wolfgang Beck in his publishing house
  • Dr. Wolfgang Beck
    Dr. Wolfgang Beck in his publishing house
  • Eckart Witzigmann
    Eckart Witzigmann in the restaurant preparing his food
  • Edmund Stoiber
    Edmund Stoiber at his office
  • Edmund Stoiber
    Edmund Stoiber at the office
  • Family
    Family all together
  • Florian Haller & Markus Noder
    Florian Haller & Markus Noder at the agency
  • Helmut Berger
    Helmut Berger in the hotel lounge
  • Hildegard Hamm-Brücher
    Hildegard Hamm-Brücher in the hotel lounge
  • Ingo+Evelin Bubenik
    Ingo+Evelin Bubenik at home in their living room
  • John Mengers
    John Mengers at the office
  • Julia Koschitz
    Julia Koschitz in the nature
  • Prof. Monika Schnitzer
    Prof. Monika Schnitzer at her office building
  • Polizeidirektor Ulrich Rothdauscher
    Polizeidirektor Ulrich Rothdauscher at work in his office with Colleges
  • Prof. Sinn
    Prof. Hans-Werner Sinn at his office
  • Tim Rauhe
    Tim Rauhe in the studio
  • Konstantin Grcic
    Konstantin Grcic in the production building
  • Lois Gallois
    Lois Gallois at the EADS center
  • Michael Bully Herbig
    Michael Bully Herbig in the studio
  • Mich Kern
    Mich Kern doing yoga exercises
  • Nathalie Föhr
    Nathalie Föhr outdoor
  • Nico Forster
    Nico Forster in his living room
  • Veronique Witzigmann
    Veronique Witzigmann at the city market
  • Willi Bruckbauer
    Willi Bruckbauer at his office building
  • Wolfgang Kettnaker
    Wolfgang Kettnaker in his showroom
  • Markus Söder
    Markus Söder at the bavarian ministry of finance
  • Markus Söder
    Markus Söder at the bavarian ministry of finance
  • Regine Barth
    Regine Barth in her storage rooms
  • Pfarrer Blechinger
    Pastor Blechinger in his church
  • Peter Löscher
    Peter Löscher at his office
  • Peter Kappler
    Peter Kappler in the studio
  • Florian Haller
    Florian Haller at his office
  • Dr. Klaus Hoffmann
    Dr. Klaus Hoffmann at work outdoors