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south of Japan

  • Japan Seto Sea
    Bridge to Oshima Island at the Seto Sea in Japan
  • Japan
    Kids dressed for school at the village Ozu on Shikoku Island, Japan
  • Kyushu, Japan
    Japanese women admiring water lilies at a green house in Beppu.
  • Japan, Beppu
    Pachinko amusement hall in Beppu
  • beach life, Japan
    Two women talking a walk at the beach of Isega Hama at Kyushu protected from the sun by umbrellas
  • Japan Seto Sea
    view over small islands at the Seto Sea
  • relaxing in Japanese
    Japanese relaxing in massage chair while waiting in Beppu harbour for the ferry boat to Shikoku Island, Japan.
  • Shinto shrine, Japan
    Alley of red tori leading to the Udo Jingu shrine at Kyushu Island.
  • street life, Japan
    a street musicians plays guitar in an underground crossing at Beppu.
  • Kyushu, Japan
    A woman enters a restaurant in Beppu.
  • rain in Japan
    A woman is walking in the rain through a Samurai garden at the village Chiran.
  • forest in Japan
    Bamboo forest at Kyushu Island
  • beach life, Japan
    surfing woman at the beach of Aoshima at Kyushu Island.
  • beach life, Japan
    A father, dressed in traditional cloth Yukata, with his daughter at the beach of Aoshima at Kyushu Island.
  • Shinto shrine, Japan
    Prayer room at Udo Jingu shrine at the south of Kyushu Island.
  • Shinto shrine, Japan
    wooden tablets described with wishes of visitors at the shrine on Aoshima Island.
  • Kyushu, Japan
    A woman at the cavern of Oomi Jinjya shrine.
  • Shinto shrine, Japan
    smal shrine at Aoshima Island
  • Kyushu, Japan
    A ferry boat leaves from Kagoshima to the island Sakurajima with the active volcano Mt. Ontake.
  • Shinto shrine, Japan
    Tori in the evening light at the island Miyajima south of Hiroshima.

summer in Slovenia

  • Slovenian vineyard
    The vineyards around the village Jeruzalem in the eastern part of Slovenia between the citys of Lutjomer and Ormoz; 2011-07-12 © Doerthe Hagenguth
  • Hotel in Slovenia
    The concert hall in the Hotel Villa Bled is decorated by a wallpainting with a socialistic subject; Slovenia, 2011-07-10 © Doerthe Hagenguth
  • Lubljana, Slovenia
    The old town of the capital Lubljana can be explored by boat at the river Lubljanica; Slovenia 2011-07-09 © Doerthe Hagenguth
  • Bohinj Lake
    Summer at the lake of Bohinj in the Triglav Nationalpark, mostly natives taking a bath there on Sundays; Slovenia, 2011-07-10 © Doerthe Hagenguth
  • Lubljana, Slovenia
    In the summer heat the old town of Lubljana young people walking along the river; Slovenia, 2011-07-09 © Doerthe Hagenguth
  • dinner
    The table is laid for at least five-course-dinner at the restaurant Tramtschek near Jeruzalem; Slovenia 2011-07-13 © Doerthe Hagenguth
  • Bohinj Lake
    Summer at the lake of Bohinj in the Triglav Nationalpark, a father is rowing his kids in a rowing boat across the lake; Slovenia 2011-07-10 © Doerthe Hagenguth
  • Piran
    The habitants of the little town Piran at Slovenian Adriatic Sea using every rock around the bank to take a sun bath; Slovenia, 2011-07-14 © Doerthe Hagenguth
  • cheese maker
    Rok, 24, works as a cheese maker at the alp Idrska Planina. He puts firewood under a steaming pot; Slovenia 2011-07-12 © Doerthe Hagenguth
  • young woman
    Suzana, 20, lives during vacation with her boy-friend, the cheese maker, at the alp Idrska Planina; Slovenia 2011-07-12 © Doerthe Hagenguth
  • Slovenian vineyard
    Aleks Simcic stands on his vineyard in the area of Goriska Brda, a producer region at the border to Italy; Slovenia 2011-07-16 © Doerthe Hagenguth
  • Slovenian Alps
    A woman stands at the river head of Soca and admires the high mountains of the Slovenian Alps; Slovenia, 2011-07-11 © Doerthe Hagenguth
  • Soca River
    The river Soca near the village Soca flows turquoise through the splendid white chalk stone in the Trenta Valley; Slovenia, 2011-07-11 © Doerthe Hagenguth
  • Piran, Adriatic Sea
    View over Piran, a little town at the Slovenian Adriatic Sea; Slovenia, 2011-07-15 © Doerthe Hagenguth