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  • Dieter Moor
    Dieter Moor, TV Presenter. Germany. For Gut Magazine (Sparkasse).
  • Max Schön
    Max Schön, Businessman and President of Club of Club-Germany. Germany. For Gut Magazine (Sparkasse)
  • Jan Berges
    Adjudant-Chef Jan Berges. Since the End of WWII, he is the first german soldier to get a military decoration for bravery outside of Germany. For Le Monde.
  • Rare Livestock Breed
    Poitou Donkey, Rare Livestock Breed. Lower Saxony, Germany. For Natur.
  • Boy
    A boy. Lower Saxony, Germany. For Natur.
  • Rare Livestok Breed
    Rare Livestok Breed. Germany. For Natur.
  • Anselm Grün
    Anselm Grün, German Benedictine Priest, Autor of spiritual books. Monastery in Münsterschwarzach. Germany. For La Vie.
  • German and French Mayors
    Mayors of Emmendingen (DEU) and Séléstat (FRA) (50. Élysée-Treaty), Marckolsheim. For Der Spiegel.
  • Kurt Fridrich
    Kurt Fridrich, Instructor. Chemical Emergency School, Swizterland. For Bilfinger, Services and Engineering.
  • Linda Schlepps
    Linda Schlepps, Actress. Germany. For Landluft Magazine.
  • Offspring
    Offspring, Table tennis famous young player. Germany. For Landluft Magazine.
  • Student
    Student. University of Mannheim, Germany. For Bilfinger, Services and Engineering.
  • Soprano
    Melanie Diener, Soprano. Germany. For Landluft Magazine.
  • Lawyer
    Jens Rabe, Lawyer. Germany. For Landluft Magazine.
  • Viktor Yanukovych
    Viktor Yanukovych, Toppled President of Ukraine. Strasbourg. For Le Monde.
  • Sara Balzer
    Sara Balzer, Member of Women’s French Fencing Team, France. For Réponses Photo.
  • Fantine Lesaffre
    Fantine Lesaffre, French Swimmer. France. For Réponses Photo.
  • Anna Breitenbach und Marcel Idler
    Anna Breitenbach (Poet) and Marcel Idler (Winegrowe), Germany. For Landluft Magazine.
  • Pensioners
    Pensioners. «  A week-end in the Normandie » . Trouville, France.