Focus Photo und Presse Agentur GmbH


  • Frank Appel
    Frank Appel, CEO Deutsche Post AG
  • Anna Jakobsson
    Anna Jakobsson, Wind power technician by DONG Energy
  • Karin Neuhaus
    Karin Neuhaus, International Sourcing & Sourcing Ltd. (ISL)
  • Hans-Werner Sinn
    Hans-Werner Sinn, German economist and President of the Ifo Institute for Economic Research
  • Anastasia Dmitruk
    Anastasia Dmitruk, poetess
  • Will Scott
    Will Scott, a computer science graduate student and a guest lecturer in Pyongyang
  • Claudio Guarnieri
    Claudio Guarnieri, hacker, security researcher and civil rights advocate
  • Kamaliya
    Kamaliya, Ukrainian singer (for DER SPIEGEL)
  • Mohammad Zahoor
    Mohammad Zahoor, Pakistan-born Ukrainian billionaire (for DER SPIEGEL)
  • Eberhard Bezner
    Eberhard Bezner, German textile entrepreneur, Olymp (for IMPULSE)
  • Baiba Skride
    Biba Skride, a violinist
  • Lenhard Flessner
    Lenhard Flessner, a farmer
  • Alexandra Shevchenko
    Alexandra Shevchenko, political activist and FEMEN co-founder (for CAPITAL)
  • Alexandra Shevchenko
    Alexandra Shevchenko, political activist and FEMEN co-founder (for BILD)
  • Karl-Albert Brandt
    Karl-Albert Brandt, German farmer (for FINANCIAL TIMES GERMANY).
  • Thomas Andrews Drake
    Thomas Drake, American whistleblower and ex-NSA employer (for Dagens Næringsliv)
  • Jens Hüllmann
    Jens Hüllmann, German banker (for FINANCIAL TIMES GERMANY).
  • Olaf Scholz
    Olaf Scholz, German politician/mayor of Hamburg (for FINANCIAL TIMES GERMANY).
  • Prof. Dr. Martin Butzlaff
    Prof. Dr. Martin Butzlaff, president of Witten/Herdecke University
  • Torsten Temp
    Torsten Temp, German banker, HSH (for FINANCIAL TIMES GERMANY).
  • Peer Steinbrück
    Peer Steinbrück, German politician
  • Vural Öger
    Vural Öger, businessman and politician.


  • Anja Meier
    Anja Meier, Low German teacher
  • Security Training Wind Energy
    Security Training Wind Energy
  • Security Training Wind Energy
    Security Training Wind Energy
  • Refugee helper in Hamburg
    Refugee helper in Hamburg
  • Maximilian Jasker
    Maximilian Jasker with his flock of sheep
  • Lada car service station
    Lada car service station in Buxtehude, Germany
  • Soldier of a paramilitary regiment
    Soldier of a paramilitary regiment in Kiev
  • Occupied City Hall
    Woman sleeps in the assembly hall of the Kiev City Hall
  • Fire brigade
    Fire brigade in Hamburg
  • Hacker
  • Olaf Scholz
    Olaf Scholz, Social Democrat leader
  • Josephine Witt, a Femen activist
    Josephine Witt, a Femen activist, painted the slogan "Fuck Dictator" across her chests
  • Femen in Kiev
    Femen activists protest against Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych and former Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko
  • Jana Schdanowa, a Femen activist
    Jana Schdanowa, a Femen activist, makes an imprint of her bare breast (so called "Boobsprint") in Kiev
  • Resident of an illegal settlement
    Resident of the island Veliky (the Great), an illegal settlement near Kiev
  • Varvara
    Varvara, a nun of the Russian Orthodox monastery Feofania in Kiev
  • Worker in a ceramic manufacture
    Worker piled a plate after the glaze in a ceramic manufacture