Focus Photo und Presse Agentur GmbH

Documentary and travel, photography and film: specialist in unusual cultural stories and low light. Originally from Yorkshire, I’m now based between England and South America (with other trips here and there). I shoot my own projects plus undertake editorial and commercial commissions; always with a documentary eye.

The best way to sum up what I do and where I’m coming from are a few words: freedom, independence, energy, culture, the underground, joy, music, passion, spontaneity, ingenuity, fascination, individuality, night, candid, unusual, immersive, atmosphere.

I believe personal qualities are as important as photographic ones in the field, in addition to an awareness of light, colour and composition, great photographers need communication, persistence and courage to work in this vocation, that is so much more than a job.

Editorial clients include the Washington Post, National Geographic Traveller, the Guardian Magazine, the BBC, GEO, Lufthansa magazine, the Telegraph, El Pais, the Independent, Vice, Dazed and Huck.

I’ve also worked for commercial clients such as Samsung, ASOS, Haymarket, American Express, Christies, the Arts Council, London Olympics, Age UK, the REA, Camden Council, Arcadia Spectacular and Pearson Education.

Awards and accolades include a One World Media grant, the work from which was a finalist in the Amnesty award, plus commendations in the LUCIE’s, Environmental Photographer of the Year and by the Royal Photographic Society.